Past Presentations

Past Presentations

Presentations from the 2017 UMCVB Fall Conference

Great speakers continue to be the UMCVB Fall Conference’s hallmark, and 2017 did not disappoint.  Attendees were dazzled by another impressive lineup of keynote presentations from  Sam Richter, Jack Johnson, Mike Gamble, Greg Edwards, Janet Sperstad, Steve Maly, Jon Schmieder, John Meyer, Peter Pantuso and more.  Conference evaluations came in extremely high which sets the stage for the 2018 UMCVB Fall Conference slated to take place in Lake Geneva, WI, Sept. 9-11.

Destination Next – New Trends and Opportunities 
Presented by:  Jack Johnson, Destinations International

The Future of Sports Events & Tourism (download)
Presented by:  Al Kidd

Destination CEO’s of Tomorrow (download)
Presented by:  Mike Gamble

The Essentials for a Successful Small City Brand (download)
Presented by:  Bill Baker

Sports Panel (download)
Participants:  Greg Edwards, John Groh, Mark Rath

Neuroscience of Influence and Decision Making (download)
Presented by:  Janet Sperstad

Best (and Worst) of Sports Tourism (download)
Presented by:  Jon Schmieder

The Power of Visuals (download)
Presented by:  Lemonly

The Very Real Threat of Today’s Politics (no download available)
Presented by:  Jack Johnson, Destinations International

Ignite Your Income (no download available)
Presented by:  Heather Hansen O’Neill

Not Your Grandma’s Branson (download)
Presented by:  Liz Mabe

Every Yes Begins with a “Know” (no download available)
Presented by:  Sam Richter

Success Through Partnerships and Strategic Direction (no download available)
Presented by:  Ray Hoyt

Stop Setting Your Money on Fire (no download available)
Presented by:  Steve Maly