Past Presentations

Past Presentations

Presentations from the 2023 UMCVB Fall Conference

Please see below for a list of sessions from this year’s conference in Brookings.  Following each session will be a link to slides if it was provided.  Please note: we are still getting access to presentations and they will be added as they become available.  If “No Slides” is listed that means it was a discussion session and did not have slides during that session so there will be none added.

Keynote Sessions

Rise Up, Be Resilient and Shine as Travel Destinations and Advisors

Presented by: Lisa Schaefer, Shine With Schaefer | Download Slides

A Concerning Trend: What happens when someone wants your funding?

Presented by: Julie Hart, CFO by design Download Slides

The Richest Man in Town

Presented by: V.J. Smith, Life’s Great Moments| No Slides (Discussion Only)

Cultural Tourism Panel 

Moderated by: Beth Wright, International Institute of Tourism Studies, The George Washington Univeristy School of Business

Presented by: Stacey LaCompte, Les Thomas, & Tamara St John with the North Dakota Native Toursim Alliance and Frank Kills in Water & Tianna Yellow Hair with the South Dakota Native Tourism Alliance | Slides Unavailable

Concurrent Sessions

ChatGPT and Generative AI – What it means for you

Presented by: Dave Carruthers,  Red Beard Download Slides

Leverage Your Strengths in Sales

Presented by: Tyson Steiger, Visit Rapid City | Download Slides

Data Driven Decision Making in Sports Tourism

Presented by: Jon Schmieder,  Huddle Up Group | Download Slides

CEO Roundtable

Discussion Session Only

Strategies for Tapping Into the Adaptive Sports Economy

Presented by: Dawna Callahan, All In Sport Consulting | Download Slides

Turning Insights to Outcomes  for the Community (Evolving Data to Quality of Life)

Presented by: Adam Johnson, Zartico | Download Slides

Protecting Your DMO

Presented by: Julie Hart,  CFO by design | Download Slides

10 Things Event Planners Wish DMOs Knew

Presented by: Ellie Highstreet, SD Event Connection | Slides Unavailable

Content Publishing Best Practices

Presented by: Sarah Bellamy, Tempest | Download Slides

Multi-Cultural Diversity Advertising

Presented by: Cliff Ward, Orange142 | Download Slides

Youth Sports Tourism

Presented by: Dave Herrell, Visit Quad Cities & Thomas Lee, Sioux Falls Sports Authority | Download Slides

Sales Roundtable

Discussion Session Only

Drive Your Data into the Future

Presented by: Chris George, Simpleview | Download Slides

The 12 Laws of AI: A Practical Guide for DMOs

Presented by: Matt Clement, Madden Media | Slides Unavailable

The Power of Authenticity: Amplifying Destination Appeal with User-Generated Content

Presented by: Chris Lukenbill, shrpa | Download Slides

Advocacy Roundtable

Discussion Session Only